IP Packet Sniffing - made easy
Distinct Network Monitor is a packet capture and network protocol analyzer software that translates complex protocol negotiation into natural language, pinpointing where errors occurred. Not only is easier to use than any other competing products, but it also translates the packet negotiation into natural language, something no other network protocol analyzer does.

Network Monitor was developed for network professionals who need to quickly detect network errors rather than wading through pages of incomprehensible network traffic.

Network Statistics – simple to understand
The Distinct Network Monitor Statistics gathering and analysis module allows you to get a very good picture of the activity that is going on for any given network segment monitored. While the Statistics module is fully integrated in the Distinct Network Monitor, the product provides the ability to run this module only, allowing it to run for several hours or days gathering the needed statistics. Following is a brief description of the features provided by the Network Statistics module:
  • Graphical and chart displays of all statistics gathered.

  • Top Ten Talkers quickly gives you an idea of which systems are chewing up most bandwidth on the network segment being monitored.
  • IP traffic drill down by protocol, down to each set of talking pairs. This shows all the systems that any single system is talking to and what protocol is being used.
  • Statistics by application protocol showing all the talking pairs of systems for each protocol in use.
  • Network protocols drill down to see which MAC addresses are most active.
  • Traffic divided by MAC address, this shows the complete activity for each active MAC address including non IP protocols.
  • Network Segment Bandwidth Monitor that shows you the bandwidth usage as seen by your NIC.
  • Adapter Statistics. This reports all the data that is gathered by the NIC driver including collisions, alignment errors, overruns and underruns.
  • Summary details include number of passthrough packets received from the monitoring system.
  • Can gather statistics on all traffic in/out of the network if installed on the same hub as the router.
  • Make use of Filters to search for specific problems. For example filters can be written to capture all broadcast packets going out on the segment. The statistics IP module will quickly identify the origin of the majority of the broadcast packets.
  • Find out who owns an intruding IP address. The statistics module includes the ability to query the public WhoIs databases for any IP address at the right click of the mouse.
  • Excellent Reporting Create HTML reports to easily go through and analyze the statistics gathered.
If you like what you see, download Network Monitor now and try it out on your network.

Network Traffic analysis – easy to read
The Distinct Network Monitoring packet sniffing and decode capabilities are very far reaching. The product offers a high degree of flexibility and provides you with the ability to selectively narrow down problem areas. In summary Distinct Network Monitor:
  • Captures network traffic and interprets the network packet trace in plain English. For example whereas, a leading high-end network analyzer parsed a Telnet packet as follows:

    0000: ff fd 18 ff fd lf ff fd 23 ff fd 27 ff fd 24 |

    Distinct Network Monitor parsed the same packet negotiation by indicating exactly the Telnet options being negotiated:

    TELNET Do Terminal Type Do Window Size Do X Display Location Do New Environment Option Do Environment Option
    and gave a detailed description of each option request.
  • Gives an intelligent interpretation of what actually happened on the network. By maintaining the history of each connection, Network Monitor is able to give meaning to each packet in a trace. This makes it much easier to actually detect errors and to understand the cause of a problem.
  • Allows the display of a single TCP stream. It is sometimes hard to focus on a single connection especially on a busy network. To simplify your task you can just click on any packet in a single TCP connection and select to view only packets that belong to that connection.

  • Color codes packets of the same connection. Color coding is used to quickly move through packets that belong to a single connection.
  • Allows you to customize which IP header fields you wish to display in the packet trace summary window. Since the physical size of your computer screen has its limitations, Distinct Network Monitor allows you to display the IP headers that are most important to your specific needs. Just right click your mouse to choose the headers you want to see.
  • Moves from one protocol error to the next protocol error fast. Menu item allows you to quickly scan through all the errors that are in any given trace without having to look through the whole file.
  • Modify and resend any packet in a trace file. Distinct Network Monitor allows you to modify and resend on the network any packet that is in a give trace file. This feature is very useful for software developers working with proprietary protocols or developing applications that rely on specific protocols.
  • Imports packet trace files taken with other networks analyzers and views them in Distinct’s plain English format.
  • Exports packet trace to csv or text format. This allows you to make use of the data gathered right in your application. Packet header information may be exported in a comma separated format (CSV) for use with Excel or imported into a database. Complete packet information which includes protocol details may be exported to a text file (TXT).
  • Works over serial line. Network Monitor works over a PPP connection. Use it to find out who is intruding on your PPP connection.
  • Has advanced filtering capabilities. It allows you to filter at any level. You may filter the capture itself to avoid the collection of unnecessary packets and reduce the size of your capture. You may also filter a captured file and save the packets filtered to a new, smaller, more manageable file

  • Has a REMOTE IP SNIFFING capability through its Agents: Distinct Network Monitor comes with one Remote Agent (also known as a network probe) and additional Agents may be purchased to allow the remote monitoring of systems when needed.

  • Has Search capabilities. Network Monitor searches for any string within a captured network trace.
  • Saves the network packet trace in MergeDPM supported format.
  • Supports a wide range of protocols that is constantly expanding. Network Monitor includes parsers for the most important protocols of the Internet including IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, VoIP, H323, SIP and many others. If you are interested in seeing a protocol parsed that is not in our current list, just send us a request. We will see what we can do to add this.
  • Allows to add your own parser. Email Ask Cody for more information.
  • Includes several utilities such as Ping, Traceroute, WhoIs, Local scan for port status an TCP Port Scan.
Technical support.
We stay behind our product 100%. Check out our new support center. You will find the most comprehensive technical support center in the net tools business, featuring a comprehensive knowledge base, AskCody™ and an email-based Support Center.

Product Documentation: View product documentation for Distinct Network Monitor, the natural language Protocol Analyzer or click here for PDF* format.

Requirements: Windows 2000, XP

Download: Network Monitor trial. This trial is limited to 25 packets and will time out 10 days after installation.


"Good packet-decoding features and clear explanation of their contents make this a useful tool for troubleshooting a wide range of network problems"
Dave Mitchell, PC PRO August 2003

"It is simple, easy to use and it works properly"
Christopher Santander, Thomson ISR, France

"I find that your tool is so much easier to use than any of the Microsoft provided administration tools"
Michael Houle, Serenity Software. MA

"It paid for itself many times over … getting to snoop packets off the network was incomparably useful. I've recommended it to dozens of people in the most glowing terms."
Bob Stein, Visibone, FL

" … simple to install, intuitive to operate and didn't need a System Engineer to assist me with its usage … I've seen some of the ones that cost literally 10 times more but they did not impress me as much."
John Bates, Pembroke, NH

Software Developers:
See Packet Sniffing Toolkit for a sniffing component for C#,C++ and VB

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